Enable is an agency that assists NGOs and companies with project building and fundraising. Our assistance goes way beyond mere grant application. We design creative projects that are also in line with the development needs of Moldova while making sure that all our projects are socially responsible.

On a more practical level, we consult our clients on how to manage a fund and avoid the basic mistakes that can undermine the success of a great project. We build projects in a way in which they are clear and simple to implement and – much later – simple to report on.

Enable has experience with more than one form of fundraising

Startup Seed Funding

Crowd Funding

Grants & Other Forms of Fundraising

How can we
help you?

Donors, local or international, often receive an overwhelming number of funding requests. Some are better structured than others. It may happen that you see a great project idea, but with poor planning and budgeting. Enable can take over these incomplete projects, fix the errors of the project and re-submit a healthier version of it.

Our mission is to ensure that available funding reaches the people that can do most with it in terms of social and developmental impact.