Ukrainian and Moldovan entrepreneurs together! Matchmaking event by Enable

Ukrainian and Moldovan entrepreneurs together! Matchmaking event by Enable

On July 8th, 2022, the offline event “Moldova and Ukraine: Business Together” took place, which brought together a number of relocated entrepreneurs and professionals from Ukraine and Moldova.

The event aimed to identify and connect relocated entrepreneurs from Ukraine, with entrepreneurs from Moldova, working in similar fields. During the event, the participants were distributed in groups, in rotation, according to the “speed dating” principle, in which they introduced themselves, where they come from, their business and field of activity.

Thus, with the assistance and involvement of the organizers, certain entrepreneurs from Ukraine were matched with entrepreneurs or professionals from similar fields from Moldova. The purpose of the event was to help relocated entrepreneurs from Ukraine to open businesses in Moldova, but also to offer them the space and network to share the experience gained in running a business in Moldova and Ukraine.

This week, the matched entrepreneurs had scheduled meetings and discussions with relevant Moldovan counterparts, as well as have been connected with decision makers or people who could help them in the process of registering a business or developing one in Moldova.

This event was organized by the Enable and Technovator – Growing talent to innovate teams, via the international Silicon Drinkabout community, especially from Moldova and Ukraine. The event is part of the “Building sustainable bonds between local Moldovan and relocated Ukrainian entrepreneurs” project, supported by CIPE Europe & Eurasia.