01UN Women Moldova – Early Childhood Education Functionality Study

December 2022 - March 2023

Conducted a 3-month study on the operation of nurseries and kindergartens in the Republic of Moldova, organized 10 interviews with stakeholders, and synthesized findings in a final report. The Study was done in collaboration with Cambridge Econometrics, Civitta Romania and UN Women Moldova.


02IT Labour Market Moldova Study

September 2021 - May 2022

A study on Moldovan Labor market trends in ICT and BPO Sector. During the research time, Mihai Avram developed the methodology, collected data, and conducted a comprehensive study on working conditions in Moldova’s IT sector, including desk research and 30 interviews with IT companies and stakeholders. Referenced by Daniela Montecore (Helvetas) and Daniel Bîlici (Beetroot Academy).


03Synergy of e-Health and Digital Skills in Georgia, Moldova, and Ukraine: Enhancing the Resilience of Eastern Partnership Civil Society in Times of Crisis

February - June 2022

Supported by the EU through the Civil Society Forum of the Eastern Partnership (EaP) re-granting program, this project aims to bolster civil society resilience by integrating e-health and digital competencies. In collaboration with partners such as the International Center for Business and Economic Development (Georgia), Yavoriv Regional Economic Development Agency (Ukraine), and Business Consulting Institute (Moldova), the research team, led by David Tsiskaridze and including Mihai Avram, focused on key areas like democracy, human rights, economic integration, environment, and social policies.


04Chisinau Auto Parking Management System Feasibility Study

April - June 2021

MTD SRL conducted a detailed study, as per the service contract with the General Directorate of Public Transport and Communication of the Chisinau Municipal Council, to explore the feasibility of implementing an auto parking management system in Chisinau. The study aimed to identify and analyze investment opportunities, technical-economic, financial, and legal arrangements for developing a paid parking system. Utilizing international experience, demand and supply estimates, cost-benefit analysis, and administrative options review, the study adhered to the European Commission’s guidelines for cost-benefit analysis and integrated urban parking management principles. Data sources included the National Bureau of Statistics, Ministry of Internal Affairs vehicle flow data, and GIS parking databases, contributing to a comprehensive overview of Chisinau’s urban mobility and parking infrastructure.


05Chișinău: Smart Mobility Strategy and Action Plan

March 2020 - September 2021

In an 18-month project on urban mobility, organized data collection and interviews with local administration members, contributing to the final report with a focus on urban cycling. The study aimed at improving urban mobility and to encourage the implementation of evidence based policy-making.


06Study on ``Smart Specialization S3 Moldova``


Developed the methodology with another expert, organized data collection, analysis, and drafted the final report for GIZ Moldova and the Ministry of Agriculture and Regional Development. Contributions were acknowledged by Angela Dumitrașo (GIZ) and Petru Veveriță (GIZ), focusing on Moldova’s strategic economic development.


07Urban Cycling: Mapping Routes and Using Data to Improve Decision Making


This study, conducted over the course of a year, focused on enhancing urban cycling infrastructure in Chisinau through data-driven analysis. It involved mapping optimal cycling routes and utilizing data to inform decision-making processes, with the goal of promoting cycling as a sustainable mode of transportation.


08Moldova Crowdfunding Guide Development


Collaborated on creating a comprehensive guide aimed at empowering Moldovan youth organizations, groups, and individuals to effectively utilize crowdfunding for online fundraising. The project, funded by the Black Sea Trust and Primăria Mea, involved extensive research on crowdfunding mechanisms and strategies, concluding with the publication and dissemination of a detailed guide to support fundraising initiatives.